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Boys to Men – Part II

This is a multi part post about the qualities each boy should carry in order to enter manhood. Many times, we as men fail to exhibit this qualities in our character and when we do, we act as though we are boys. I want to spend some time unpacking them so I have broken up the list of 10 points into 3 separate posts. If you mentor young men or are being mentored, use these points as easy measurements of progress.

When it comes to his practices…

5. Discipline vs. Unreliability

You are regular, reliable, and consistent in your rhythms of life.

Characterized by:

  • Study, work, play, exercise like clockwork.
  • Sleep and eat on schedule and with disciplined balance.
6. Priorities vs. Frivolity

A man attends to the important business of life without getting sucked into the vortex of computer/video games, technological gadgets, addictions, workaholism, outdoor recreation, etc.

Characterized by:

  • Do the hard things first.
  • Fast from food, media, technology, etc.

When it comes to his postures…

7. Humility vs. Arrogance

Biblical humility is not so much how you feel about yourself as how you treat the other person.

Characterized by:

  • Pick up litter on the ground, take out the trash.
  • Eat with freshmen, serve in the nursery, etc.
8. Honesty vs. Deception

“A lie is any deceit in word, act, attitude, or silence.” Are you a man of your word?

Characterized by:

  • Correct every deception in your life
  • Keep your door unlocked

You can read Part 1 here or check back for Part 3 to see all 10 character qualities each man should have. These points were from my notes during a leader training taught by Mark Moore. Great stuff!

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