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Boys to Men – Part I

This is a multi part post about the qualities each boy should carry in order to enter manhood. Many times, we as men fail to exhibit this qualities in our character and when we do, we act as though we are boys. I want to spend some time unpacking them so I have broken up the list of 10 points into 3 separate posts. If you mentor young men or are being mentored, use these points as easy measurements of progress.

When it comes to his person…

1. Honor vs. Selfishness

Are you a man of honor? Like a Christian Jack Bower, you are
driven by a higher code, a vision that calls for a whole-life sacrifice. You are willing to lay
down your life for a higher cause, particularly the least and lost of the nation.

Characterized by:

  • Obedience to law (esp. honor your father and mother)
  • Patriotic—you are moved by sacred moments in worship, preaching, ceremonies, etc.
2. Respect vs. myopia

While honor is about you as a man, respect is about the other person. You
have the capacity to look beyond your own little world to recognize who is standing
before you and the life they have lived that merits your attention, respect, and

Characterized by:

  • Respectful address (Sir/Maam, titles, respecting elders, women, etc.)
  • Opening doors, not cutting off elders.

When it comes to his possessions…

3. Gratitude vs. Entitlement

A man doesn’t expect grants, privileges, advantages, or
handouts. The only thing you have the right to expect is the opportunity for an honest
day’s work.

Characterized by:

  • Profuse thanks.
  • Notes of gratitude.
4. Financial Integrity vs. Greed

You manage your finances well and are generous.

Characterized by:

  • Tithe
  • No debt
  • Generous giving—gifts, tips, tokens

Check back for Part 2 & Part 3 to see all 10 character qualities each man should have. These points were from my notes during a leader training taught by Mark Moore. Great stuff!

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