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The Significance of a Baptism

If you watched the video in the last post which recapped one of the days at our summer camp, there is a moment that is only 3 seconds long in that video, but that makes my heart smile every time I see it. I snapped that scene from the video to use as the image of this post.

The boy in the photo is one of the students that I have had the great honor of mentoring for the past two years. In those two years, I’ve seen him build his own relationship with Christ, share in his baptism, and watch how he has continued to challenge himself in building his personal relationship with Christ. I’ve watched as he has gone from unsure new believer the summer before his freshman year of high school, to a leader who waves the banner high over his head with pride for God. He began to see the impact God was having on his life, but God immediately started using him to make an impact on someone else’s life as well.

The girl in the photo is a volunteer of mine. She serves on our high school live production team and has a great heart. This is the summer before she starts high school. Before this, church was a casual occurrence for her. She was unsure why to go, that was until she began to see the impact God can have in the life of an individual. Quietly she observed for two years as she witnessed her brother’s life begin to transform. As she put it, I want what he has. I see the change in him and so I started coming to church because if this is what God is like, I want God in my life too. (I’m paraphrasing).

This image has dual significance. The first is obvious to those around us. As her brother cheerfully participated in his sister’s baptism, upon raising out of the water, she latched onto him and her brother hugged her. The two of them experienced a moment together they’re apt never to forget. This is what fellowship within the body of Christ is like. The second and less obvious image this picture paints is a symbol. A symbol of the open arms of Christ who welcomes us as he adopts us into His family as his daughter and son. A symbol demonstrated here by the open arms of a loving brother.

If I were to give this image an inscription it would say something like this: 

On the day you gave your heart to Christ, God said, “welcome my daughter.” And on the day of your baptism, we celebrated together as you publicly proclaimed the relationship you have with your Father in heaven before a multitude of witnesses. Let this moment be a reminder of the loving embrace God welcomed you with as you were adopted into our eternal family.

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